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Chain Feeder

Chain Feeder
Main features

Plasson Chain Feeder is a robust system for efficient feed transport to the birds. The system is available in various configuration to suit the technical and operational requirement of each growth type.

  • Fast and even feed distribution
  • Multiple configuration combinations in the house
  • Recommended with suspension option for easy access to the nests
  • High quality and durability
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Minimal maintenance required
Storage Silo
Weighing Station
Load Cells
  1. Load Cell
Cross Auger
T-Drop w/Shutoff
Plasson’s unique wide-angled T-drops ensures ideal feed flow to the feed lines, and minimize the chances of feed blockage.
The special T-shaped design guarantees a feed line is completely full before feed proceeds to the next line, thus ensuring all feeding lines remain full.
Feed Drops
Telescope, Spiral Tube
Built from high quality 275g galvanized corrosion resistant sheet
Capacity: 150 or 260 Kg
Can be customized according to customers requirements
PLASSON chain feeder can be operated either on legs or suspended.
In both cases the adjustment is easy and simple.
With suspension you gain:
More space for birds; easier access to the nests, lower mortality and higher fertility.
Suspension system design ensures keeping circuits level.
Trough & Grill
Grill / No grill
Strong and durable.
Simple installation and operation.
High quality feed chain with exceptional reliability.
Optional: plastic legs.
90° Corner
Conveying capacity is up to 1.5 kg/m.
Convenient operation and maintenance.
High quality and reduced noise driving unit with high quality bearing and simple structure.
Chain speed: 36m/min; guarantees uniform feed.
distribution and reduces bird stress.
Up to 160m total length of chain - one drive unit.
Up to 320m total length of chain - two drive units.
Chain Feeder


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