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Main features

Plasson’s lighting system, designed specifically for livestock applications, provides a complete solution for programing and controlling all lighting aspects of the house. The system is protected against damage from water, dust, humidity, and the harsh chicken house environment.

IGBT Dimmer (2000 W)
A 2-channel, 2000 W IGBT dimmer serves as a stand-alone controller which enables adjusting the lights to the required intensity. The dimmer can function manually, or as a “slave” should the user prefer to manage the lighting system via the house controller. The ability to adjust light intensity from 0% to 100% complies with the increasing demand for animal welfare and the need to mimic sunrise/sunset and natural light conditions.
Male-Female Garlands and LED Bulbs
LED bulbs designed for poultry applications, together with male-female garlands, offer quick and easy installation and handling.
  1. Garlands
  2. LED bulbs
  3. End cap
  1. Cables and straps
  2. Screw anchor



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