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Main features

Plasson offers an innovative top of the line Layer’s nesting system, called PlassNest.

The new nesting system was designed to ensure the ultimate conditions for egg laying, breeders and mating behavior.
The concept is based on 3 main principals:

  1. No slats – Hence, no accumulation of manure under.
  2. No limitations to move around (Floor is 100% available for mating and moving around).
  3. Suspension system – System permits lifting at any time for ease access to lay and for cleaning at the end of the flock cycle.
  4. Ventilation – The distributed configuration allows better ventilation inside the nest.


The Plassnest is a modular system and as such, multiple different equipment layouts can be applied, according to the grower preferences:

  1. 2 or more Distributed nest rows, with gaps between each nest
  2. Central nest configuration with slats on both sides
  3. Nests without legs that seats on the edges of the raised slatted area

Main advantages

Thanks to the dark black walls, and the improved ventilation, the birds feel safe and comfortable inside.
The PlassNest system allows easy maintenance and handling during the cycle and between cycles.

The system is fully suspended, thus allows heavy motorized working tools to enter the house for a thoroughly cleaning. This also significantly shortens the cleaning time window, between flocks and does not require to disassemble the nests.
The suspension system allows the grower, to lower the nest to the floor level, for training acclimatization period.
It is also recommended to raise the nest system during rearing period in AIAO houses.

Thanks to the lack of slats, the PlassNest increases the floor area by 10%, to ensure larger mating space and opportunities.
No slats also mean better ventilation along the house, thus prevents wet manure accumulation under the nests, ensuring a healthier and more ventilated environment for the birds.

The eggs are collected via a 40cm egg belt, that prevents breakage and cracks of the eggs.
The egg belt is well protected by a lid, but also accessible for maintenance.

The Egg belt operates in various speeds and can be adjusted according to actual eggs load.

The PlassNest also have a motorized expulsion system, that can be preprogrammed according to the grower preferences and expel the hens out of the nest.

Plasson`s PlassNest is made of strong and durable materials, for longevity and minimum maintenance. Thanks to its automatic system, unnecessary entries to the house are saved.

Allows Flexibility in Nests layout, number of rows and nests, according to house dimensions and birds density (House structure optimization).

The nest is supplied as a single unit basic configuration (Single nest), and it can be extended to either a double nest module, or a continues extensions that creates full length row along the house.
  1. Vents
  2. Nest Roof
  3. Floor Mat
  4. Flaps
  5. Expulsion system
  6. Foldable legs
  7. Adjustable Leg height
The passages can be ordered in various lengths, to maximize the nest layouts possibilities and to match any bird's density and other market demands:
Egg Conveyor
The egg belt is made of polyethylene and is 40cm wide, to prevent eggs breakage and cracks.
Expulsion system
The auto-expulsion system, enables the grower to drive out hens that continues incubating their eggs. During nighttime the nests can be closed.
The system can be preprogrammed to expel the birds in a specific hour every day.
Back Unit
The back unit includes a roller cylinder to keep the egg belt at the right tension, and a cleaning brush. The unit cover can be removed for easy maintenance.
Egg's collection table
The egg collection table is positioned at the service room of the house and enables a fluent and efficient eggs collecting including automatic emergency stop mechanism.
The egg belt system can be also connected to a Farm egg conveyor, that collects the eggs from all the houses in the farm.
  1. Motor
  2. Table underside
  3. Table end
Suspension system
The suspension option in such system, gives many advantages to the grower:
It enables the grower to lower the entire row of nests to the ground level, during the rearing training period. The birds feel comfortable to enter the nests without jumping and get used to lay their eggs there.
It also enables the grower to raise the entire row of nests up to the ceiling, thus creating an easy passage for tractors and other motorized operating tools to clean the house efficiently and fast, between flocks. Without the need of dismantling the system.
  1. Suspension motor & Rolling pipe
  2. Suspension Bracket
  3. Suspension Cable


Central nest configuration with slats on both sides

Nests without legs that seats on the edges of the raised slatted area

Central nest configuration with slats on both sides



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