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Minimum Ventilation

Minimum Ventilation
Main features

Plasson’s minimum ventilation system preserves indoor air quality by performing indoor-outdoor air exchange at the optimal rate. The system is controlled by the house controller, which automatically opens and closes air inlets and adjusts fan capacity levels to create the required negative air pressure in the house based on factors such as outside air temperature, bird age, and air quality.

Air Inlets
Positioned along the chicken house walls to allow outside air to flow into the house. The air inlets are made of black plastic and offer excellent insulation when closed, Plasson's winged air inlets are available in air exchange rate capacities of 2000 and 3000 mᶟ/hr.
  1. Inlet wing
  2. Inlet frame
  3. Back grill
Inlet Opening System
Controlled by the house controller, the opening system guarantees inlets are at the precise position needed to achieve the air exchange parameters set by the grower
  1. Gear motor
  2. Rod
  3. Counter spring
  4. Nylon cord and pulley
Minimum Ventilation Fans
Controlled by the house controller, exhaust fans (generally of size 36-50") create the required negative pressure inside the chicken house
  1. Blades
  2. Motor
  3. Box frame

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Minimum Ventilation


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