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Pan Feeder System

Pan Feeder System
Main features

Plasson’s advanced pan feeding system offers a complete and easy to operate solution for broiler production. It includes a number of components which together form a high-performance solution that delivers exceptional results. A wide range of feeders are designed to fulfill all of the birds’ needs throughout the growth cycle, from day-old chicks to marketing stage.

  • Durable system built to last
  • A range of pans and options to suit all requirements for broiler production
  • Open pans allow ideal access to feed from day one
  • Thick galvanized steel pipes to ensure longevity
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Superior results in terms of FCR, Weight gain and more
A full range of fiberglass and galvanaized steel silos are available in various sizes and volumes designed to meet the project's requirement
  1. Silo
  2. Filling Method
  3. Silo Ladder
Cross Auger
Allows for efficient feed transport from any silo to the feeding lines inside the house. The cross auger is available in diameters of 75, 90, and 100 mm. It can easily connect between several silos, and multiple lines can be directed into the house
  1. Silo Boot
  2. PVC Pipe Sections and Curves
  3. Spiral Auger
  4. T-drop
  5. Control Unit
  6. Telescoping PVC Pipes
Pan Feeding Lines
Plasson’s advanced pan feeding lines offer a complete and easy to operate solution for broiler production. The system is built to last and achieves superior results in terms of FCR and bird growth. Operating and maintaining the system is simple and fast.
  1. Plastic Hopper
  2. Galvanized Distribution Pipe
  3. Spiral Auger
  4. Pan Feeder
  5. Control Pan and Motor
Pan Feeder
  1. Pan Locker
  2. Regulator
  3. Pan Body
  4. Cone
  5. Pillars
The suspension system enables raising the pan feeding lines in accordance with the birds' growth stage as well as ongoing tasks conducted inside the chicken house
  1. Winch
  2. Pulleys
  3. Stainless Steel Cables, Adjustors and Hanger
Options & Add-Ons
  1. Intermediate Control Pan
  2. Chick Start
Control Pans
The pan is easily assembled and disconnected to the main body with a Toggle Latch.
The Control Pan body is strong and durable, made in one piece.
Easy and quick assembly of the Connection Box to the Control Pan.
All excess food goes directly to the pan.
A toggle selector on the junction box enables to select if feed will reach Intermediate or Control Pan at the end of the line.

Plasson Pan feeding System for Broilers

Pan Feeder System


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