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Nipple Drinking System

Nipple Drinking System
Main features

PLASSON provides a full range of nipple systems for breeders which allows you to choose the nipple and flow rate tailor made to your poultry needs.
Customized to meet the demands of any climatic condition, with special expertise in excessively hot climates.
PLASSON’S superior nipple systems are specially designed and produced of the highest quality materials to withstand
the ravage aggressiveness of the active breeders and pullets for many years.
Every nipple leaving PLASSON manufacturing facility undergoes quality testing using specially developed computerized testing systems. PLASSON’S investment in advanced R&D, trained staff and the use of the highest quality materials are your promise for optimum performance.

Water Reservoir Tanks
Serve as a backup water supply. PE pipes 25/32 mm in diameter ensure an efficient supply of water from the tanks to the water head table or wall panel.
  1. Plastic tanks
  2. Water level indicator
  3. Plastic pallets
  4. Valve
  5. PE pipe
Water head
The central control point for all water applications in the chicken house. Water is treated and regulated before being directed to each system in the house.
  1. Water inlet
  2. Water filter
  3. Water softener
  4. Universal Pressure Regulator (UPR)
  5. Water pump
  6. Dosage pump
  7. Water meter
  8. Pressure gauge
  9. Water outlet
  1. Water inlet
  2. Water softener unit
  3. Water filter
  4. Universal Pressure Regulator (UPR)
  5. Water meter
  6. Pressure gauge
  7. Dosage pump
  8. Water outlet
Fill line
Directs water from the water head table/wall panel to the nipple drinking lines
  1. Water table outlet
  2. PE pipe
  3. Flex tubes
Drinking line
Plasson’s nipple drinking system is a durable drinking line system which enables fast and even distribution of water in the chicken house.
  1. Flex tube
  2. Line head pressure regulator
  3. Pressure indicator
  4. Aluminum profile
  5. Perforated PVC pipe
  6. Nipple drinkers and trays
  7. Line end
  8. Blind nipple - black
Nipple drinkers
Drinking stations for the birds, with an optional drip tray
Anti Perch
PLASSON Non Electrified Anti Perch System complies with the global welfare approach by preventing birds from perching on nipple lines without the use of electricity shock.
The system presents a cost effective solution which can be easily installed on new or existing nipple lines.
New spinning anti perch solution from PLASSON. Complied with the global welfare approach by preventing birds from perching on nipple lines without the use of electricity shock.
The system presents a cost effective solution which can be easily installed on new or existing nipple lines.
SECS with Brown Nipple
The SECS allows improved water availability for day-old chicks up to 10 days old. It allows the weak chicks to drink and thus improves their survival and the breeding results later on.
The suspension system enables raising the drinking lines in accordance with the birds' growth stage as well as ongoing tasks conducted inside the chicken house.
  1. Winch
  2. Pulleys
  3. Nylon cords and adjusters
  4. Suspension clips
Water on Demand (WOD) Pro
A central control point that enables precise management of water pressure in all drinking lines according to birds’ changing demands, both during a daily 24-hour cycle and throughout the entire grow-out period. The system can connect to the house controller, and is also available with a stand-alone controller.
  1. Pressure transmitter
  2. Frequency converter
  3. Variable speed pump
  4. Universal pressure regulator (UPR)
  5. Pressure gauge
  6. WOD reducer
Automatic Flushing - Wired / Flush Control
Allows for the planning and managing of drinking line flushing. Pre-programmed flushing plans are based on climate conditions, water quality, water treatment compounds and medications added to the water, birds’ growth stage, and more. The flushing system is integrated into Plasson’s new MK2 regulator series.
  1. Flush Command
  2. Flushing valve
  3. Drinking line
  4. Line end
A wireless solution for applying automatic flushing. Drinking lines are pre-programmed to flush periodically based on factors such as climate condition, water quality, added water treatment compounds and medications, birds' growth stage, and more...
  1. Wall unit
  2. Plasson Flush Control
  3. Regulator unit
  4. Flushing valve
  5. Drinking line
  6. Line end
Slope Regulator
PLASSON slope regulators break the pressure build-up in nipple lines caused by sloped floors

- Maintain the required pressure along the nipple line
- Robust design
- Innovative Bayonet connection for easy installation and maintenance
- No need for a by-pass during flushing
- Available for pressure breaks of 10cm, 15cm and 30cm
Nipple Drinking System


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